ADVANCED LITERACY PRACTICES: MAKING IT HAPPEN! (disponible en anglais seulement)

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The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
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le 20 novembre 2021 au 5 mars 2022
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This five month course will consist of 36 online synchronous hours, one Independent-Study Module (three hours) and four Application and Implementation modules*. Evaluation will consist of research-to-practice learning reflections, two assessment summaries (one page in length each), two intervention progress notes (one page in length each) and in-class participation.

* The Application and Intervention Modules consist of completing a full language and literacy assessment in two parts on a selected Grade 1 or above student and planning and completing a minimum of 3 intervention sessions. Learners are encouraged to allot a minimum of 6-8 hours per module.

The course will describe contemporary and advanced approaches to assessment and intervention in emergent literacy, reading and writing disorders. Learners will acquire knowledge of emergent literacy, reading and writing disorders across various populations (i.e., English language learners and special populations, including students with executive functioning difficulties, Down syndrome and autism). The importance of working within the context of a multidisciplinary team and engaging in collaborative consultation and planning with parents and professionals will be discussed throughout. The course will also include a review of the latest technology and its role in accommodating students with literacy needs. Classroom learning will involve interactive lectures interspersed with group discussions and sharing by learners.  

After each lecture, learners will be asked to review the lecture and assigned readings, reflect on their learning and complete a theory-to-practice reflection note (maximum 250 words in length).

The Independent-Learning Module will required participants to complete an assigned reading and be ready to discuss how the information applies to their practice in class.

In the Application and Implementation Modules, learners will apply appropriate assessment materials to a student with language and literacy difficulties and interpret the results to provide curriculum-based recommendations. Additionally, learners will design an intervention plan for this student that targets linguistic, cognitive and metalinguistic components of emergent literacy, reading and writing. Learners will deliver a minimum of three intervention sessions to target student needs, track progress and practice differentiating instruction based on the student’s response to the planned intervention. 



Speech-Language Pathologists will:

1. Deepen their understanding of the science of reading

2. Apply advances in research-to-practice literature to the assessment and intervention of literacy disorders 

3. Develop integrative knowledge of curriculum-based intervention

4. Develop knowledge of assistive technological tools to support students

5. Develop critical thinking skills


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