CLSA Webinar Now Available: Seeing, hearing, and thinking (disponible en anglais seulement)

Date : 
23 septembre, 2019
Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
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The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging's (CLSA) webinar, Seeing, hearing, and thinking: The cross-sectional relationship between sensory status and cognitive function in CLSA participants is now available as a recording.

Sensory function and cognitive function are closely interrelated in the context of “normal” aging, cognitive impairment and dementia. Research has shown that hearing loss, vision loss, and cognitive decline are consistently correlated, over-and-above chronological age. The CLSA offers an excellent opportunity to better understand the associations between hearing, vision, and cognition because of its large size, rich set of sensory and cognitive variables, and its inclusion of middle-aged adults.

The webinar describes results from a cross-sectional analysis of data from the CLSA Comprehensive cohort that examined whether hearing loss and/or vision loss were associated with executive function and/or memory; and, whether measures of social engagement (e.g., social support, participation, and loneliness) moderated the strength of these associations.

To view the recording and presentation slides, visit the CLSA website.

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