Webdiffusion d'OAC: Énoncé de position sur les enfants vivant avec une perte auditive unilatérale (2021)

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Presented by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, PhD, Aud(C)

Permanent unilateral hearing loss is increasingly identified in infancy and early childhood. In Early Hearing Detection and Intervention programs, an estimated 15-20% of children with hearing loss are identified with unilateral loss. However, there continues to be uncertainty and variation in practices in supporting these children and their families. SAC recently released a position paper on unilateral hearing loss in children. This webinar will present key points of the position paper accompanied by a brief review of research supporting the position.

Learning objectives:

1.    Familiarize participants with the SAC position paper on unilateral hearing loss in children
2.    Present information on the prevalence and characteristics of children with unilateral loss
3.    Review current issues, concerns and evidence related to unilateral hearing loss



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Presenter Biography

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, PhD, Aud(C)

Elizabeth was chair of the committee that developed the SAC Position Paper on Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss. Elizabeth is a Full Professor at the University of Ottawa and Director of the PhD Program in Rehabilitation Sciences. Her research is focused on outcomes, optimal intervention and parent support for children with hearing loss. She is currently leading a Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded study on the impact of unilateral and mild bilateral hearing loss in children.


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