Webdiffusion d'OAC: Plus qu’une expression à la mode : appliquer les principes d’apprentissage moteur de façon adéquate pour traiter la dyspraxie verbale

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Presented by Brooke Rea, MClSc, S-LP(C)

The principles of motor learning (PML) have become a major buzzword in treating childhood apraxia of speech but how do you know if you’re using them correctly? Join Brooke in an introductory webinar to examine what we currently know about PML and their best practice in application towards speech-language therapy with children with apraxia.

Learning Objectives:

  • participants will be able to identify 3 pre-practice principles of motor learning theory and how they impact speech-language therapy
  • participants will be able to identify 3 practice principles of motor learning theory and how they apply to speech-therapy with children with apraxia
  • participants will be able to describe how motor performance and motor learning differ.



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Presenter Biography

Brooke Rea, MClSc, S-LP(C)

Brooke Rea is a Canadian speech-language pathologist who owns a private centre in Guelph, Ontario, exclusively dedicated to assessing, treating, and supporting children with motor speech disorders. She spends considerable time supporting and teaching professionals and parents on their journeys with CAS, throughout Canada. She is Apraxia Kids Recognized for Advanced Training in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Board Chair of Apraxia Kids Canada and a Professional Advisory Council member of Apraxia KidsTM. Brooke has been an invited speaker at conferences and workshops across North America to speak about childhood apraxia and pediatric motor speech disorders. Brooke is licensed with CASLPO and a Certified S-LP with Speech-Language & Audiology of Canada.


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